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Is your coffee organic?

Absolutely. 100% of our coffee is made with 100% organic beans.

Where do you source your coffee?

We support sustainable agriculture and the farmers that practice it. Broadly speaking...we source our coffee in the Western Hemisphere. More specifically, from a handful of farms and co-operatives scattered throughout the wonderful-coffee-producing countries of Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru.

Can I recycle Wandering Bear packaging?

Yes, and it depends, all at the same time. See below for instructions by product line: 
  • Coffee on tap boxes: separate the bag from the box and recycle both (or tear the box into little pieces and compost it!).
  • Cartons: yes, wherever cartons can be recycled. Check to see if carton recycling is available in your area. If not, check to find a new spot in a place that recycles cartons ;-)
  • Coffee pods: separate the foil from the pod and recycle both, as well as the box they come in
  • Coffee grounds: recycle or compost the grounds; to recycle the bag, you must remove the one-way plastic valve (we’re sorry about this, it’s the one price we chose to pay for the freshness of your coffee)

Do I need to keep the cold brew cold before I open it?

Nope, you can store Wandering Bear cold brew at room temperature until you open it. We’ve worked out a flash pasteurization and completely sterile process for our cold brew that allows for safe storage at room temperature before opening without affecting its taste.

Once you've opened a box, pop it in the fridge to keep it fresh -- we usually enjoy it cold over ice. Technically we’re supposed to say that the coffee will stay fresh for 30 days once you open the box… but we know it to both stay fresh longer than that and to get consumed faster than that.

Do I need to dilute Wandering Bear cold brew with milk or water?

Great question! Our coffee is extra strong but ready-to-drink out of the box, so you don't have to mess around with measuring out coffee and water before you've even had your morning brew. That said, it's your coffee, and it's endlessly customizable: drink it straight black, with milk and sugar, in a smoothie, in a cocktail, or add it to your favorite cold brew recipe.

How long does Wandering Bear cold brew last?

This is a very relative question. But since we wrote it, we know what we meant. From a freshness perspective, each box will stay fresh until the printed “best by” date on the back of the box. Once the tap is open, your cold brew will stay fresh for 30 days, or until you finish it all.

What equipment would you recommend to brew my own cold brew?

Technically, you don’t need anything special -- just a cup. You have a cup laying around, right? Just use a 3:1 ratio for water:beans and steep for at least 12 hours in the fridge. If you want to be all fancy about it, you can use a french press or a cold brew pitcher. There are ways. Google can help.

Will these work in my Keurig machine? What about all those non-Keurig brand machines (Breville, Cuisinart, Instapot)?

Yup. These little guys are compatible with any Keurig or Keurig-style machine, regardless of the brand. If you have any issues whatsoever, 100% money-back. No worries.

Do I need to keep my box of Wandering Bear cold?

Keep your brew cold once you open it! We’ve worked out a gentle pasteurization process for our cold brew that allows for safe storage at room temperature before opening without affecting its taste. Once you've opened a box, pop it in the fridge to keep it fresh -- we usually enjoy it cold over ice. That said, you can absolutely heat up a mug of Wandering Bear if you're in the mood for a hot cup of coffee.


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